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Jul 25, 2011

16 weeks

The weeks are now starting to fly by and I cannot believe my 16th week comes to an end tomorrow. This week has been great and I feel so much better. I am still tired, but it is not the extreme fatigue that I had a few weeks ago. On Friday (July 22, 2011) the most amazing thing happened, we felt the baby move from the outside. I do not think I will feel the baby from the inside for a while because of my previous surgeries. I cannot feel anything between my scar and almost up to my belly button. As for feeling the baby, it was a complete accident. I was having some sever pain around my scar and I was pressing really hard in that spot, hoping to stop the pain. After holding that area for about 2 minutes, I felt the movement. It was the same movement that Gracie made when my friend April was pregnant with her. I remember feeling Gracie move around and it is not like anything else I have ever felt. I grabbed Mark’s hand and placed it in the same spot, within a minute he felt the baby too. It felt like the baby was doing flips or swimming around. We were so excited. I do not think we would have felt the baby if we were not pressing so hard. Mark is ready for the baby to start moving around more, but I think I can wait. I know once the baby starts moving, he or she will never stop. Every time we have seen the baby on the ultrasound, he or she is very activity.
This weekend my mom and I went to a baby shower. We had a lot of fun, we saw a lot of people we have not seen in a while. I also found out the mother to be is going to use cloth diapers, which was exciting for me. She is the first person I know who is using them. I was excited to see the diaper she brought and what her plans were for using them. Every time I tell someone we are using cloth diapers they look at me like I am crazy. Of course they are thinking of the cloth diapers that our moms used, which are not the trend any more. They have created some sophisticated diapers and I am excited about using them. If you are curious about these new diapers, just google cloth diapers and I think you will be surprised.

15 weeks - Appointment

This week we had our monthly appointment and everything went very well. We did not get to see the baby this time, I figured that would be the case. We did get to hear the heartbeat which was exciting. I have not gained any weight since my first official doctor’s appointment. I am hoping the weight will stay off until I am a little further along. I know my body and I will pack on the pounds later on in my pregnancy. Dr. Rister said this was a boring appointment, which is just how we want it. I agreed 100%.
Our next appointment is August 16 and we will have our 2D ultrasound. The week before on August 10, we are going to Because of You in Waco for a 4D ultrasound. I know this will put both ultrasounds back to back, but this is the last time we will have the girls during the week before they start school, and we want them to go to an ultrasound. I will have another 4D ultrasound later in my pregnancy. We are so excited about seeing baby next month.

Jul 7, 2011

14 weeks

I am still at the beginning of my 14 weeks, but I am feeling so much better. I am still nauseas and having headaches, but I feel better. Next Tuesday is my doctor’s appointment with Dr. Rister. I am so excited, hopefully we will get to see the baby again. After the scare we had, I am hoping he will want to check on the baby. I also have to get blood work today, yuck! I have been putting this off since my last appointment.

We have been buying baby stuff here and there. We know we will not get everything at our shower, so we have started to buy some of the big things. Here is what we have bought so far:

Stroller – it was being discontinued and we loved it. They only had one left in the store.
Breast Pump – I had a coupon for it and received a great deal on it.
Glider / Recliner – Since I am having a c-section, I wanted a glider that reclined so I could lay back and rock the baby in the first few days.
Slings and Wraps
Cloth Diapers

We also bought a few odd and in types of things. We are very excited and cannot wait until we have the baby.  

13 weeks

The first week of my 2nd trimester, YAY!!! I am so excited we made it to 13 weeks. I always hard the 2nd trimester is the best and was expecting a pretty good week. On Sunday I started to feel bad and I rested all day. When I woke up Monday I felt a lot worse and I did not go back to work until Wednesday. I was sick at my stomach, fatigue, and had a headache. Finally on Wednesday, I had the doctor prescribe me Zofran. I am so happy I asked for the prescription. Zofran is my new friend. On Friday I started to feel better and I think things are finally improving.