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Jul 25, 2011

15 weeks - Appointment

This week we had our monthly appointment and everything went very well. We did not get to see the baby this time, I figured that would be the case. We did get to hear the heartbeat which was exciting. I have not gained any weight since my first official doctor’s appointment. I am hoping the weight will stay off until I am a little further along. I know my body and I will pack on the pounds later on in my pregnancy. Dr. Rister said this was a boring appointment, which is just how we want it. I agreed 100%.
Our next appointment is August 16 and we will have our 2D ultrasound. The week before on August 10, we are going to Because of You in Waco for a 4D ultrasound. I know this will put both ultrasounds back to back, but this is the last time we will have the girls during the week before they start school, and we want them to go to an ultrasound. I will have another 4D ultrasound later in my pregnancy. We are so excited about seeing baby next month.

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