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Jul 7, 2011

14 weeks

I am still at the beginning of my 14 weeks, but I am feeling so much better. I am still nauseas and having headaches, but I feel better. Next Tuesday is my doctor’s appointment with Dr. Rister. I am so excited, hopefully we will get to see the baby again. After the scare we had, I am hoping he will want to check on the baby. I also have to get blood work today, yuck! I have been putting this off since my last appointment.

We have been buying baby stuff here and there. We know we will not get everything at our shower, so we have started to buy some of the big things. Here is what we have bought so far:

Stroller – it was being discontinued and we loved it. They only had one left in the store.
Breast Pump – I had a coupon for it and received a great deal on it.
Glider / Recliner – Since I am having a c-section, I wanted a glider that reclined so I could lay back and rock the baby in the first few days.
Slings and Wraps
Cloth Diapers

We also bought a few odd and in types of things. We are very excited and cannot wait until we have the baby.  

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