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Oct 27, 2011

29 Weeks

This week has been really rough. I visited the endocrinologist this week and it was a hard visit. She was not happy that it took this long to get me in to see her. She said I should have been in at the beginning because I have a history of high blood sugar (I am not diabetic, but I have elevated blood sugar). Basically she told me the only thing she can do at this point is keep MaKayla from getting too big, because it is too late to prevent anything else.
After looking over my blood sugar, she decided to put me on insulin shots. Currently I am taking two shots a day, one before breakfast and supper. I also have to take my blood sugar 4 times a day. My blood sugar is starting to come down, but not low enough. I am going to have to call to have my insulin adjusted. They said I will have to adjust my insulin several times during the rest of my pregnancy. They also want to see my back once a week, until I have MaKayla.
Besides all of this, everything else is going really good. MaKayla is very active and is moving a lot. I love to feel her move throughout the day. I cannot wait to meet our little girl and know that she is safe and healthy.

Oct 25, 2011

28 Weeks

I am actually behind one week in writing; however, I am caught up based on my doctor’s calculations. Dr. Rister pushed my weeks back by one, due to MaKayla measuring a week behind. This week we had our monthly doctor’s visit. So far I have only gained 6 pounds throughout my pregnancy. Dr. Rister is not too concern about my weight gain at this moment.
Dr. Rister is very concern about my gestational diabetes (GD) and the effects on MaKayla. He said that he will take her at least three weeks early because with GD is not good for the baby to stay in for a long time. Since she is measuring behind we are still looking at having her delivered the week of December 19. He is also very concern about my blood pressure. So far it has been perfect; however, he said that GD can raise it. If my blood pressure goes up, then he will place me on bed rest. I asked him how do we know when she will be ready to be delivered? He said that it will be a number of factors that will all happen at once and we will know it is time. He told me it will be a joint decision between all of us, which makes me feel a little better. I also asked about her lung development and the possibility of her ending up in NICU. He told me he could always give me a steroid shot to help her lungs develop and he is going to try his best to keep her out of NICU. We all are praying that she will be okay. We all keep praying she will be okay.
Next month we are going for our 4D ultrasound and the next day our doctor is going to do a measurement ultrasound. I get to see Miss MaKayla two days in a row, which I think will make me feel better. I am excited about seeing her again. My next doctor’s appointment is the last of my four week appointments. After this appointment I am moving to two week appointments. I cannot believe she is almost here. So far I have to say I have enjoyed my pregnancy and it has not been too bad. Next month might be a different story, but for now it has really gone well.

Oct 11, 2011

27 weeks

This week had its ups and downs. First the down part of the week, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and we have been working on how to manage this right now. I am still waiting on a referral to an endocrinologist so I can get started. Luckily, I know how to manage my blood sugar and I already started eating better. Also, I notice my feet, ankles and legs are starting to swell. I cannot stand on my feet an hour or longer without them swelling.  
The ups this week are we received 4 inches of rain and took family pictures. We were so excited to see rain, it has been too long. During our family pictures we also took some maternity pictures. I cannot wait to see all our pictures. A girl I use to work with took our pictures and she does a wonderful job. She owns Soulful Snapshots in Waco.
Overall baby girl is still doing really well. She is moving around like a wiggle worm. Mark still has trouble trying to feel her move. MaKayla’s kicks are getting stronger, so it will not be too much longer before Mark and the girls can feel her. So far I have not had too much trouble sleeping at night. The most problems I am having are with my hips. I will lie on one side for too long and then they start to hurt. I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by, and I cannot believe I am about to be in my third trimester.

Oct 3, 2011

26 weeks

This week has been an exciting week. We finally announced baby girl’s name, MaKayla Grace. Miss MaKayla has been moving around a lot this week, and she is starting to respond to me. We also had our shower this weekend, which was wonderful.
Earlier in the week I started patting my tummy and then would stop to see what MaKayla would do. When I would stop she would start kicking her feet about the same length of time I patted my belly. I did this about three times and she kicked her feet every time. Then I started talking to her and telling her how funny she is and rubbing my belly. At this point she really went crazy and then settled back down. She is not even here yet and she is making me laugh.
This weekend was our shower and I do not know where to start. Our friends and family are so wonderful and generous to us. We did have a good time visiting with all our friends and family. We had about 50+ people show up for the shower, and we received more gives than we could ever imagine. We are truly blessed to have so many people who love and care about us. We did receive three of our big gifts this weekend, our pack and play, car seat, and bed room decorations, including her bedding.
This next week I will be moving into my third trimester. I cannot believe I am almost 7 months already. One thing that did not go well this week was my glucose test. I was about 100 points over what the doctor already considers high for blood sugar. Today I had to go back for a 3 hour glucose test, where they stuck me four different times. Hopefully my blood sugar will go down this time around. If it does not go down, then it means I will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

25 weeks

This week was actually pretty calm. Baby girl is starting to move around a lot more. Once thing we did accomplish this week was exchanging the pieces of her dresser at Ikea. I highly recommend not exchanging or returning anything at Ikea, ever.
A few weeks ago, Mom and I were in Dallas and we bought baby girl’s dressers. We asked the sales person to load our cart up since I am pregnant and mom is not allowed to lift anything. I told the sales person to make sure he tripled checked everything because we live far off and I did not want to come back. I tried to double check his work but he was moving pretty fast. When we got home, we realized that the big dresser should have two pieces (a 1 and a 2). When looking over the box, we discovered two number ones. I was so upset with no only the sales person, but myself for not checking those numbers. I thought I saw him grab the two box. I checked the dresser pictures and the colors, but not the piece numbers.
Well the next week was Labor Day weekend and we decided to go to Austin. I told Mark we could stop at the Ikea in Round Rock and try to exchange the dresser there. No such luck, one thing we actually forgot the receipt (mom bought the dressers and she forgot to give it to us) and second, they told us we need to go to Dallas. Why do we need to go back to Dallas, I have no idea. Anyways, we finally went to Dallas Ikea to exchange the dresser and this time we had to receipt. When to sales person was looking over the receipt they realized the cashier rang up the wrong dresser. The cashier charged us for three small dressers instead of a big dress and small dresser. The sales person had to call security to have them pull the camera to see what happened. Meanwhile, the sales person told us we could not receive a refund without my mom’s credit card. At this point I was hot and I explained to full situation to him. I told him all I want is my number two box; he could see we had two number ones. Finally he was to pull the number two box for us and calculated up the cost differences. It basically came down to them owing us 98 cents. I told them to keep the 98 cents, we just want to box. Thankfully we did not have to wait on security, he just let us have the box. In summary, we finally have baby girl’s dresser put together and ready to go.
Since the dresser was put together, I was finally able to start organizing her stuff. Baby girl already has lot of clothes, and she will probably receive more at the shower. I just hope we have room for all her clothes.