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Oct 3, 2011

26 weeks

This week has been an exciting week. We finally announced baby girl’s name, MaKayla Grace. Miss MaKayla has been moving around a lot this week, and she is starting to respond to me. We also had our shower this weekend, which was wonderful.
Earlier in the week I started patting my tummy and then would stop to see what MaKayla would do. When I would stop she would start kicking her feet about the same length of time I patted my belly. I did this about three times and she kicked her feet every time. Then I started talking to her and telling her how funny she is and rubbing my belly. At this point she really went crazy and then settled back down. She is not even here yet and she is making me laugh.
This weekend was our shower and I do not know where to start. Our friends and family are so wonderful and generous to us. We did have a good time visiting with all our friends and family. We had about 50+ people show up for the shower, and we received more gives than we could ever imagine. We are truly blessed to have so many people who love and care about us. We did receive three of our big gifts this weekend, our pack and play, car seat, and bed room decorations, including her bedding.
This next week I will be moving into my third trimester. I cannot believe I am almost 7 months already. One thing that did not go well this week was my glucose test. I was about 100 points over what the doctor already considers high for blood sugar. Today I had to go back for a 3 hour glucose test, where they stuck me four different times. Hopefully my blood sugar will go down this time around. If it does not go down, then it means I will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

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