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pregnancy due date

Oct 25, 2011

28 Weeks

I am actually behind one week in writing; however, I am caught up based on my doctor’s calculations. Dr. Rister pushed my weeks back by one, due to MaKayla measuring a week behind. This week we had our monthly doctor’s visit. So far I have only gained 6 pounds throughout my pregnancy. Dr. Rister is not too concern about my weight gain at this moment.
Dr. Rister is very concern about my gestational diabetes (GD) and the effects on MaKayla. He said that he will take her at least three weeks early because with GD is not good for the baby to stay in for a long time. Since she is measuring behind we are still looking at having her delivered the week of December 19. He is also very concern about my blood pressure. So far it has been perfect; however, he said that GD can raise it. If my blood pressure goes up, then he will place me on bed rest. I asked him how do we know when she will be ready to be delivered? He said that it will be a number of factors that will all happen at once and we will know it is time. He told me it will be a joint decision between all of us, which makes me feel a little better. I also asked about her lung development and the possibility of her ending up in NICU. He told me he could always give me a steroid shot to help her lungs develop and he is going to try his best to keep her out of NICU. We all are praying that she will be okay. We all keep praying she will be okay.
Next month we are going for our 4D ultrasound and the next day our doctor is going to do a measurement ultrasound. I get to see Miss MaKayla two days in a row, which I think will make me feel better. I am excited about seeing her again. My next doctor’s appointment is the last of my four week appointments. After this appointment I am moving to two week appointments. I cannot believe she is almost here. So far I have to say I have enjoyed my pregnancy and it has not been too bad. Next month might be a different story, but for now it has really gone well.


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