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Sep 6, 2011

22 Weeks

This week was a very eventful week. We finally confirmed baby girl’s Godparents. I could not think of anyone more fitting to be Godparents, than my best friends Lori and Father Will. We all have been through so much together and they have been there for me more than anyone.  We actually talked to them about being Godparents about three years ago when we first start trying for a baby. Part of the reason we talked to them is because we wanted to make sure that once Father Will became a priest, that he could still be the Godfather. Not only are we very excited about our choice, so are the new Godparents. The great thing is that Lori, Father Will, and Mark have become just as good of friends. I cannot wait for baby girl to meet her Godparents.
This is a picture of all of us at Will orientation ceremony when he became a priest
This is a picture at the rehearsal dinner for Mark and I’s wedding. We laugh at this picture and say we are three peas in a pod because we are dressed alike. No, we did not plan dressing alike either. :)
Also this weekend we went to Austin to stay with Lori. We went downtown Austin to see the bats fly out. The girls loved watching the bats fly out from the bridge, it was pretty neat sight. Then the next day we drove back into West and rested for the afternoon. Then about 6:30 pm, baby girl experienced her first Westfest. We had such a good time out there. Baby girl enjoyed a beer bread sandwich and some kolaches. We also listened to some polka music and Gary P. Nunn, which she seemed to enjoy. Mark and I also had a chance to dance a few times, which she seems to also like. I can tell you that all this moving about took its toll on my ankles. When we arrived home that evening, I had indentions around my ankles from my socks. Then Monday my ankles were sore most of the day. I just tried to stay off of them as much as possible. My ankles are a lot better now and I feel pretty good.
Other Updates: We had a record breaking summer. I want to Thank God for the relief we had this weekend from the heat. This summer we had 83 days over 100 degrees and 44 of those days were consecutively over 100 degrees.

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