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Sep 19, 2011

23 weeks

We did not have too many exciting things going on this week. Over the weekend my big sister (from my sorority) and her family came to stay with us. We had a great time with them and their daughter. She has a 1 year old little girls and it gave us a chance to get us to having a baby in the house. We also were able to see how GiGi, our boxer dog, was going to react. GiGi did very well with Anne Marie. By the end of the weekend GiGi started to lay down on her own when Anne Marie was in the room. Annie Marie did get scared when GiGi would yawn or shake, but overall they got along very well.
Baby girl has been very active this week. I really enjoy learning her patterns. I laugh at her because if I am lying down and lean too much on my stomach, she will kick me until I move. I can tell she is already going to have a strong personality. She also did this the other day when our cat Belle laid on my stomach. She kept kicking at Belle, until I made Belle move off my stomach. She seems to like her space.
Other Updates: We did have some relief from the heat this week; however, we still had a few days over 100.

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