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Sep 19, 2011

24 Weeks

We finally made it to 6 months, I can hardly believe it. As of right now if I went into labor Baby Girl has a good chance of surviving. I feel like I can take a deep breath now. We find it so interesting that Baby Girl already reacts to things on the outside. This week we were watching Joyce Meyer and she got really excited and active, then after it is over she settled down. Every time we pray over her or read the bible to her she starts to move. I think it is neat that she recognizes God’s word. She also reacts to other things, such as Polka music and Czech food. I keep telling Mark she is definitely Czech.
This week has been really rough. Friday was one of the worse days I have had in a long time. My allergies are really bothering me and I do not think Clairton is working very well. I could not get up without getting dizzy or sick at my stomach. I also had a headache too and my sinuses were all blocked up. I think part of it is because I had a massage Thursday night, which was wonderful. My doctor had told me I had a lot of blockage below my ear and down my neck. I have had ear aches and my jaw has been hurting. I think during the massage it loosen up all of that blockage. Saturday through Monday has felt like a daze to me and I still do not feel 100%. We go see Dr. Rister tomorrow, so we will be able to find out if I can do anything else for my allergies.
This weekend was crazy busy. We had a wedding on Saturday, which was a lot of fun. Then we had our family reunion and a baby shower on Sunday. Everyone at the family reunion kept asking what baby girl’s name is and I told them they will have to wait for two more weeks. They were trying to trick me into telling her name by catching me off guard, but it did not work. We finally told the girls this week; however, it was not planned. It accidently split out, but we have wanted to tell them anyways. We told them they could not tell anyone until after the shower.
Other Updates: It finally rained yesterday!!! We received 2 inches of rain. On a side note, Mark hurt his hand yesterday. One of our cows is sick and we have her pinned up. She was trying to get her into the shoot to give her a shot and she decided not to go in. When she backed up she smashed Mark’s finger between a metal pipe and a post. One of our really good friends, who is a nurse, looked at it last night and did not think it was broke. She doctored him up and he has an appointment with the doctor today. Keep our fingers cross that it is not too bad.

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