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pregnancy due date

Nov 11, 2011

31 weeks

This week was a crazy week. At the beginning of the week, I attended the HR Southwest Conference in Fort Worth. After coming back from the conference we had our first child birth class at Pinwheel Kids. They let us choose the classes that were related to our situation. Our first class was on c-sections and we learned a lot of information that night. Then on Friday I received another great massage from Amy. I am loving these pre-natal massages, even though they do not compare to a regular massage. I am already to set up my next one.
Over the weekend we made a trip to Ikea to finish buying some organizational supplies for MaKayla. I almost have her stuff completely organized. I know I will rearrange it again once she is here. I also attended my last baby shower of the year. I have enjoyed attending the baby showers because it gives me a chance to visit with people I have not seen in a long time.
Then, this week ended with a trip to Labor and Delivery. About 9:30 pm Sunday evening I started having contractions. I had a few here and there, especially when I pushed myself too hard.  This time something felt different, they were lasting long and they were harder. Mark fixed me a bath, hoping this would help relax my muscles, but it did not help. I even tried a heating pad and they were not going away. After 45 minutes, we called the doctor’s office and spoke to the on call doctor. He told us if they keep progressing and I am uncomfortable to go to Labor and Delivery. Once the one hour mark hit we decided to head to Labor and Delivery. At this point my contracts were about 2 to 5 mins apart.
I do not think I have ever seen Mark drive as fast as he did not night. Mark is a turtle when it comes to driving and for those who know me well knows that is not my style of driving. Well on the way to the hospital we ran into construction and traffic was stopped. I tried to talk Mark into taking one of the on ramps to get off but he would not do it. When I finally started having another contraction, I talked him into driving on the shoulder (he already had his flashers on). I am sure all those people did not appreciate us driving in the shoulder, but I did not care. By the time we reached the hospital, I had about three contractions. We go to the registration desk, luckily we had pre-registered; however, we still had to fill out more paperwork.  While we were filling out the paperwork, I had my worse contraction yet. I was in tears crying because it was so painful. They hurried up the paperwork and got us back to a room.
When we go back there they put a heart monitor on me, which MaKayla did not like. She did not like the contractions either. Every time I had one she would start moving around and pushing. It was kinda funny that she knew exactly where that heart monitor was on me. She would kick it, push it, or anything else she thought would make it move. At one point she was lifting it off my stomach. After they watch her heart rate, examined me, and ran some test, it was determined I was slightly dehydrated and had a bladder infection. At this time I gave me a shot in my leg to stop the contractions. The good thing was that I was not dilated.  The on call doctor recommended I stay overnight in the hospital.
Finally about midnight we were able to go into a regular Labor and Delivery room. They also started an IV on me so I could some fluids. I did not sleep very well that night. MaKayla moved the whole night and was constantly kicking the monitor. Everything she kicked or I moved our could hear it come across the monitor, so all that was keeping me up along with the nurse coming in about every 45 mins.
About 6 am I started feeling pain in my stomach again, so I called the nurse for another shot. After 20 minutes, I sent Mark for her and they assured us they would be right there. Then 10 mins later my IV went off, so I called the nurse’s station again. One of the other nurses came to check on the IV, but did not bring the shot. Finally at 7 am, when the new nurse came on she brought me a shot.  The bad part was this nurse was in a hurry because she needed to check on someone delivering a baby. She pushed that medication into my leg really fast and it burned so bad. I was not too happy with her at this point. She unhooked me so I could go the bathroom and sent in another nurse. When I got back in bed the new nurse asked where did all the blood on my gown come from? I told her I was not sure. When she lifted up my gown I had blood running down my left from that shot. So she cleaned up the blood and then noticed that my left had huge whelps and was swollen.  I told her the shot from last night did not do that to me. I knew it was from that other nurse pushing that medication in too fast. This is the second time that has happened to me when I stayed in a hospital. A year ago when I was in the hospital for food poisoning, the nurse was pushing some medication into my IV and she received an emergency call. That nurse pushed that medication in so fast I was in tears and she blew out my vain. When she came back in my mom told her to leave and get someone else. They had to restart a new IV, which at this time I had about 3 IVs. Next time I am in the hospital I am going to remember to make sure these nurses slow down when it comes to give me a shot.
About 8 am, Dr. Rister came to see me and of course he was teasing me as always. The first words out of his mouth were What are you doing? He was just shaking his head.  I told him eating a popsicle, which was my breakfast.  In all seriousness he told me I did the right thing. He said if I had not come in that the contractions could have pushed me into labor. I told him I was worried about coming in at first because I did not want them to send me home telling me it was all false labor. He reassured me that I can come in anytime I am worried. Also, he said he did not want to see her until at least 34 weeks, at the earliest. Then he released me from the hospital. I felt pretty good going home, but after my shower I passed out on the couch. I slept off and on for most of the day.
For our one year anniversary we were going to ride the Amtrak train up to Oklahoma City over the weekend; however, we decided after my hospital stay not go. I think Mark is trying to plan something special for us around Waco, since we cannot go on our trip. Needless to say I am disappointed, but I would rather be safe and take care of MaKayla than to risk another trip to Labor and Delivery.


  1. Heya! Been busy a couple of weeks and haven't checked in on you - glad you were able to get the contrax stopped and that your doc was so nice about it. Better safe, for sure. I'm sure your hubby will think of something fantastic for your anniversary! Our 10th anniversary was a month before the twins arrived. We did nothing. LOL Praying for you! <3

  2. Thank you DaLynn!!! I am glad everything turned out okay also. We did go out to eat for our wedding anniversary, so we did do something. :) We just did not have the weekend we planned, which is okay because baby girl is number 1.