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Nov 16, 2011

32 weeks

I will have to say after last week, this week was much easier. I am glad we did not go to Oklahoma, because I think it would have pushed me over the edge. We did go to Red Lobster for our anniversary on Saturday. For the rest of the weekend, I pretty much rested, but I still did not feel well. I even stayed home from work on Monday, which I hated to do. After what happened the week before I decided I better now push myself, if I am not feeling well. I think my blood sugar is making me feel bad. My blood sugar is still really high and is going up, no matter what I do. I know next week they will be upping my insulin again.
One thing I failed to mention last week was my work was throwing a joint baby shower for a co-worker and me. The shower was going to be last Monday; however, over the weekend my co-worker end up having her baby (I know they planned the shower really close to her due date) and I ended up in the hospital. So on Thursday they throw me a baby shower. My co-workers are so generous and I received lots of great gifts. They also were giving me a hard time about using cloth diapers, even though they pitched in and bought me two. I brought some other diapers to show them, and once they saw how they worked, I did not hear another peep out of them. Later that night I used up all my Target gift cards online to buy everything else left on my registry that could be bought online.
I still have a few more items I need from Target and Babies R Us; however, the majority of everything has been bought. The only really big item we have left is the high chair. I am going to wait until after she is born to buy the chair, unless it goes on sale. After I buy a seat protector for my car (I have leather seats), I am going to install her car seat. I was reading a baby book and it recommended installing the car seat during the beginning of your 3rd trimester in case you have the baby early. After our experience last week, I think we need to car seat installed. Last week also prompted me to start thinking about my hospital bags. I started packing MaKayla’s bag and now I need to pack my bag. I also finished up my c-section birth plan, which I will take to my doctor next week. I feel like we are getting closer to having everything done, now we just have to wait on baby girl.

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