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Nov 29, 2011

34 Weeks

This week was really relaxing, which I needed. I only worked a day and half this week, which was a nice break for me. On my half day off I got a pedicure and went shopping with one of my friends. That evening Mark and I were going to have our Newborn Care class, but the instructor forgot to tell us they moved the class to the past Thursday. So, they are doing special class for us in a week.
We had the girls for Thanksgiving this year. Every year we have the girls for Thanksgiving, we allow them to cook at Thanksgiving meal just for the four of us (about to be 5 of us). They pick out the menu, from the main course to dessert and even a special drink. Of course I help them with all of this and I made them simplify it a little this year because I could stand all day long. The girls fixed a turkey breast, broccoli and cheese casserole, sweet potatoes, dressing, gravy, rolls, and pumpkin pie. We also had sparkling grape juice as a drink. Usually they will make the drink, but again I told them we had to make it simply this year. Even with this small dinner, it still wore me out. I did take frequent breaks and rest while I allow them to finish up easy items. The one good thing about all this food it that we had leftovers for the rest of the weekend, plus what we will bring back from mom’s house. We spend Thanksgiving at my mom’s house this year since we were not traveling. We did not have a big crowd at mom and dad’s but it was nice to relax at mom’s house. Late that afternoon we watched the Madagascar 2, it was really cute.
On Friday, Mark and I took the girls to see the new Muppet movie. We really enjoyed the movie, it was so cute and we all laughed the whole time. It is nice to go see a movie and not worry about if it is appropriate or not for the girls. The rest of the weekend we spent resting and decorating the house for Christmas. I love Christmas time. I also labeled all my Christmas cards and will mail them out on Dec 1, I am thankful to have those completed. I also was nesting a lot this weekend. The guest room was driving me crazy. So we decided to take out the bed so we could have more room. We do not have a lot of guess that stay with us, but we do have a blow up mattress if we do have a guess any time soon. We are hoping to put our house on the market this spring and by this time next year we should be in our new home. We really need more space; our house seems to be shrinking.
Baby girl is still doing well and is moving all over the place. Starting with our next appointment we will have weekly appointments with Dr. Rister. During our next appointment we should be scheduling our c-section, I cannot wait. I am planning to work three more weeks and they will go by fast. Another mile stone we hit was 34 weeks. Dr. Rister said she needed to stay in until 34 weeks and we made it to that point. We feel a lot better about things down that we are on the downhill side of this mountain.

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