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Jun 13, 2011

10 Weeks

10 weeks has been the roughs week so far. Last week I felt awful, and I do not think I have ever felt this way before. I cannot describe the tiredness I felt. I also had a lot of morning sickness and did not feel like eating. I do not post last week because I felt too bed. On Thursday, my eyes were stinging so bad I had to lie down in my office during lunch. I am surprise I made it through work each day. You know it is bad when your co-workers tell you that you do not look good.

For some reason people do not understand when I say I feel bad I really mean I feel bad. It bothered me that people kept pressuring me to do things or making me feel guilt for not participating in events. Like my mom said, my baby is number one I need to do what is best for baby. Mom even came over and cook for my Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Thank goodness for mom. I am just glad this week is starting out better.

I have my next doctor’s appointment tomorrow. After this appointment I will have month to month appointments, until I get closer to the end of my pregnancy. My doctor said tomorrow will count as my actual first appointment and it is going to be long. I am not sure what all they are going to do, but I guess I will find out. I am just excited I get to see the baby again tomorrow.

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