Our Baby

pregnancy due date

May 31, 2011

9 Weeks

In the picture of above, the baby is looking down and is curled up (feet are tucked in), I think the baby kinda looks like a bean. My mom has nicknames the baby sweet pea. This weekend while we were in Austin, we found an outfit and a blanket that say Sweet Pea.

Two weeks ago we went in for our first appointment and the baby was measuring small. My doctor wanted to see us back in two weeks to make sure the baby was still developing. Yesterday we went back and the baby is now measuring right on time! We feel so much better knowing everything is okay. I go back in another two weeks for my official #1 OB appointment. I feel like all the weight has been lifted off of me.

I am still having morning sickness, all day long, and I am very tired. To me these small inconveniences are completely worth what is waiting for me at the end. I think today is a better day, I feel better than yesterday.

My doctor is really funny. Yesterday he walked in the room and said Oh! I forgot the ultrasound machine, that is the only reason you came to see me. I said it was not the only reason. He told me to quite lying, it is the only reason people come to see him, but said he did not care. He makes me laugh. I am glad I have such a wonderful doctor who is upbeat and cares about his patients.

We told everyone at work yesterday and we had so many congratulations it was over whelming. It made me feel good that everyone was excited. We also announce it on our Facebook pages, so the world officially knows we are now pregnant!

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