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May 3, 2011

The Big Day – April 30

I woke up April 30 with my friend April’s baby shower on my mind. I was responsible for getting everything together and to the shower that day. As the morning went by I still had this nagging thought about why my cycle had not started. I went to my fertility chart and realized I was four days late. The last time I was late I had a cyst on my ovary and I had to take medication for it to go away. I thought to myself, Well I better just get this over so I will know and quite thinking about it.

I took a pregnancy test with a cheapie (bought on the internet). I first glanced at it and I saw nothing. After looking at it I thought, see I was right, nothing. As I started to get ready, I glanced at it again and I thought I was seeing things. I saw a very faint second line on the test. The first thing I told myself was any line means positive and I was trying to digest all of this, which was overwhelming. Mark was outside weed eating and the girls were outside playing. I yelled at Mark to come into the house because I need to talk with him. I hid the test behind my back and when he walked in I asked if he could see the line. Mark said he could see it and looked at me with the blank stare. I said that means it is positive. He picked me up and hugged me. I told him I was going to take a digital test later to confirm it.

Next I took a picture and sent it to my friends Dee Dee and April to see if they could see the line. April and her friend Sharla said yes they see the line and that I should take a digital test. I told them I was going to take the digital test. Since I now have confirmation from four people, including myself, that there were in fact two lines, I called my mom. My mom was so shocked and excited.

After lunch I took the digital test, as I finished getting ready for the shower. Again to my amazement, the digital test said Pregnant. I brought Mark into the room and we both started crying. We could not believe this was real. I next called my mom, who was yelling and crying with us. I could not stop crying. Next, I called my dad and I could barely get out the words that I am Pregnant. My dad said “You are?” I said Yes. Then he asked me why are you crying, you are supposed to be happy. I said I am happy, these are happy tears.

We told ourselves we were only going to tell a few people and not tell the girls. We are still nervous about a miscarriage or something going wrong. I finally told myself that I am going to have the faith of a mustard seed and that God would have not blessed us if this was not going to be successful. We sat the girls down and I showed them the pregnancy test, they were so shocked and happy. They were jumping up and down screaming and they gave me a big hug.
We still have not made a big announcement, but I think we are telling almost everyone we see. I am waiting to post this on Facebook and announcing this at work until we are further along. Currently, counting me, we have four pregnant women in our office. Maybe there is something in our water, which I am very glad.

Final Thoughts:

This conception was a complete miracle. I think we did everything possible wrong this time around. When dealing with IF, you learn a lot about your body, and what it takes to get pregnant. This time around we did not do any of things we were taught to maximum conception. I know God did this to show us he is in control and he granted this miracle. God wanted us to know that it was not the doctors, medication, or us that conceived this child, but it was his ultimate blessing that created this child.

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