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May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day with my family. Yesterday, Mark and I cooked lunch for everyone at my parent’s house. My mom loves not having to cook on Mother’s Day. Plus, we have lunch ready before everyone comes over from church. My family is Baptist; however, Mark and I are Catholic. We usually go to church on Saturday evenings and it makes it easier for us to get everything ready while the family is at church.

My cousin Zach came into  town, which was fun. Zachary is like my brother and I have not seen him in several months. We had a chance to spend lots of time together this weekend. Also, my whole family knows that I am pregnant. Everyone was pampering me after lunch.

I have been feeling okay lately. I am still very tired and I keep getting nauseas. Another thing I notice is how hungry I am all the time. I am trying to watch what I eat because I do not want to gain a bunch of weight, but I am starving. I am working out at Curves, so I am hoping this will help keep the unrelated pregnancy weight off.

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