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May 3, 2011

Results from the Doctor

I love Dr. Rister, he is such a great doctor. Dr. Rister has always told me I could call anytime and he has always been very positive on our trying to conceive journey. I could not wait to speak with him on Monday (May 2). Dr. Rister was so excited when I told him I tested positive over the week. He told me I know you are very anxious about getting things started and I said yes. Dr. Rister ordered me a blood work to test my HCG levels so we could determine how far along I was in the pregnant. I was told the test result would come in the next day.

On my lunch break I had my blood drawn for the test. Dr. Rister, to my surprised, called within 2 hours to tell me the results. My HCG levels were 153 and shows I am about 3 to 4 weeks along. I told Dr. Rister I could not believe this and it is a miracle. Then he said, well they are all miracle, but especially this one. He said the earliest I could come in is two week, because they cannot see anything before that time frame. My next appointment is on May 16 and I cannot wait to see my baby.

On Sunday, May 1, we told our priest, who has been praying for us, that we were pregnant. Father Ed said, I thought you were but I was not going to ask. Father Ed is great!

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