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Aug 25, 2011

20 weeks - Appointment

We had our 20 week appointment and baby girl is completely healthy. The doctor confirmed we are having a girl. We now have two verifications from the ultrasound tech and our doctor. We are really excited. During the ultrasound they also checked all her organ, spine, and measurements. She is measuring 5 days behind, but they said that is not a big deal. They would be concern if she was a month behind, but I know she may catch up. The other thing is that my mom and grandmother had small babies so she could just be on the small side. As long as the doctor is not worried, I am not worried.

I still have not really felt her move yet. I felt a kick the other day, a kick during the elective ultrasound, and then Mark and I felt her move. Dr. Rister said it is still early to feel her move, but I should start feeling her within the next few weeks. I am not in a hurry to feel her move too much just yet. She is very active, so I know when I start to feel her move that I will not have a peaceful moment after that. She seems like a very happy baby on the ultrasound screen. I cannot wait to meet her.

Other Updates: I think we are in a temperature breaking summer. Last I heard I think we are at 50 straight days of being over 100. One good thing is that it rained last night, but I heard on the radio the high today is 107. Thank you God for the little rain we did receive.

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