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Aug 4, 2011

17 Weeks

This week has been fun and I felt really great. Over the weekend we went to Fredericksburg and Kerrville, Texas. My dad’s brother, Tommy got married on Friday of our trip. I am so excited to have my new Aunt Davella as part of our family. The exciting part is that I was able to be with almost my whole family. We were missing a few of the cousins, but at least the rest of us were able to be together. Here are some pictures from the wedding.
My dad's side of the family

 Stacey, Me (and baby), and Heather
My cousins’ children were so cute. They kept coming up to talk to the baby and rub my tummy. Mark and I stayed late after the reception for the after party. We went to the Inn on the Hills, were my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins where staying. We all hung out by the pool while the kids swam. Then my cousins and I join my newly married Uncle and new Aunt at the Pub of the hotel. It was a really nice place; it was not smoky at all (I told Mark if it was smoky, I was not staying because of the baby). Mark and I had a chance to dance a few rounds. I can tell my lung capacity is not where it should be, since everything is now being pushed up. We left about 11:30 pm that night, and left the cousin up partying the night away. Yes, I was drinking water!!
 Cousins at the Pub
The next morning, Mark, Dad and I went to an old railroad tunnel, which houses about 3 million bats. We did not know what to expect; however, it was pretty amazing. I will post a few pictures below. It was a long hike down to the tunnel. Mark guarded me as we walked down the rocky trail. Going back up was the hard part. Again, I fully realize I do not have my lung capacity. Luckily, I was able to take small breaks up the trail. The first set of stairs was the hardest part of the climb back up.

Mark and I at the top of the tunnel

Me by myself


About half way to the bottom, the top part of the picture is where we were standing 

At the bottom. There are about 3 million bats in there, but they do not come out until late evening

I was taking a break after the first set of steps

 Me at Hondo's in Fredericksburg. We were listening to Thomas Michael Riley. An wondeful Texas music singer. He writes songs for Gary P. Nunn. We try to listen to him when we come to Fredericksburg.
My plan is to print out this blog and place it within my pregnancy journey.  I am trying to document important events and things going in the world. Currently we have had about 34 days of straight triple digit weather. The temperatures are anywhere from 102 to 110. My car read 111 yesterday going home. We are all ready for cooler weather.
As for baby, well baby is doing very well. Growing like a weed and so is my stomach. Next Wednesday we go for our elective 3D ultrasound to see the baby and determine if we are having a little girl or boy (bambino or bambina – Mark and I’s terms). I feel like we are having a girl. We are excited about the baby in general and will be happy with either a girl or a boy. I cannot wait to see how much baby has grown over the past few weeks. The following week, we will have an anatomy scan for measurement. We will get to see the baby two weeks in a row, yay!

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