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Aug 11, 2011

19 Weeks - Elective Ultrasound

Yesterday we had our elective ultrasounds and found out we are having a GIRL!!!! We are so excited. Baby girl is definitely her daddy’s daughter, she has his long legs. The ultrasound tech could not get over how long her legs are and keep talking about them. I even have pictures, which is why I am posting today. I marked up the pictures so everyone can know what they are seeing.  The 3D/4D pictures are not as clear because she does not have a lot of fat on her. When we go back between 32-34 weeks, we will have clearer pictures of baby girl.
One more thing, we are not revealing her name until her shower on October 2. We kept debating on when to announce this, so we have been telling everyone we have not picked a name yet.

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  1. Baby girl *might* grow into those legs over the next few weeks/months. At our first few ultrasounds, the doctor and the techs kept commenting on how long Laurel's legs (and arms) were and I was afraid that I might be growing a spider monkey instead of a baby. But, when they checked her at 28 weeks, they said he body had caught up and she was "very proportional." So, maybe your sweetie will do the same :-) If not, long legs are great - maybe she'll be coordinated and you can put her in volleyball or basketball...or she can be a model ;-) And the other good news is that ankle pants and 3/4 sleeves are adorable on girls, so if she is too tall for her clothes, she'll still be fashionable!

    So excited for you!!